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Compatibility with other FirstSpirit versions

Information on switching from a previous version of External Synchronization

FirstSpirit External Synchronization functionality was introduced in FirstSpirit version 5.1. Using this, it was possible to export templates and other content from a FirstSpirit project into a file system structure with folder hierarchy and thus edit these externally. Since then, this functionality has been extensively enhanced and revised. For example, the export format has been changed and API methods added. External Synchronization now covers various requirements, particularly those which arise as a result of distributed development in concrete customer projects.

When External Synchronization is mentioned in the text below, this always refers to the revised version.

Modifications to export format – Compatibility

External Synchronization includes a new export format for FirstSpirit objects.

If FirstSpirit project content had already been exported previously with an older FirstSpirit version, numerous sub-folders with the name .FirstSpirit will have been created (structure with the old export format).

During the first export via External Synchronization, all existing sub-folders with the name .FirstSpirit are removed from the sync directory. A folder with the name .FirstSpirit is then only available on the uppermost directory level (structure with the new export format).

The .FirstSpirit contains internal meta information for the successful synchronization of the external content with the FirstSpirit project. This folder must not be versioned!

Important In general: The export format has to be compatible with the FirstSpirit version it is used with:
For current version requirements see FirstSpirit Release Notes (Release Notes for the current FirstSpirit version are provided (in PDF format) via docs.e-spirit.com and the Community).

As of FirstSpirit Version 2019-04:
To use FirstSpirit External Synchronization, an export format version 3.2 or higher is required.
Important After a FirstSpirit version which still uses the old export format is upgraded or updated, the project in question must be fully exported (via External Synchronization) so that the format changes take effect.
The method setDeleteObsoleteFiles must be set to true in the process. (This is the default setting when using FSDevTools.)
Important Downgrading FirstSpirit versions which use the new export format (to versions which use the old export format) is not supported. In such cases, please contact Crownpeak directly.

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