Interface WorkflowAgent.WorkflowProcessContext

All Superinterfaces:
BaseContext, SpecialistsBroker
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public static interface WorkflowAgent.WorkflowProcessContext extends BaseContext
Context representing a manual activity in the corresponding workflow process. Provides means to process the next workflow step.
The possible outgoing transitions of this activity targeting the next state are provided viagetTransitions(). The user of this context has to decide which transition should be processed by calling doTransition(Transition). All data modifying methods like getFormData(), getTransitionParameters() must be called before calling doTransition(Transition) whichcompletes the activity.
Some methods will throw an UnsupportedOperationException if after doTransition(Transition) hasbeen called or the activity has been processed automatically. In both cases isActivityProcessed()returns true.
The internal workflow implementation waits until doTransition(Transition) or gotoErrorState(String,Throwable) has beencalled. This can cause a timeout if the answer last too long.