Interface UrlCreator

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public interface UrlCreator extends UrlCreator
Replacement for the FirstSpirit v4 interface UrlCreator. Since FirstSpirit v5 none of these interfaces should be implemented. Instead implement the interfaces UrlFactory and FilenameFactory. Consult the developer documentation for more details.
Use this interface to determine the urls of medium and site-store nodes or for plugin elements (like e.g. font images).
This interface provides methods to determine file names (for medium and site-store nodes, and for plugin files). Please note that these methods are not supported in every environment. Most notably during preview processing. But there may be also situations when generating where content is not stored in an ordinary file system (but e.g. in a database) so that there is simply no file. You should be aware of this when using these methods. This also applies for the usage of Mode.FILE_PATH.
If you need access to the content of generated files you should consider using a ContentProcessor.