Interface MaintenanceModeAgent

public interface MaintenanceModeAgent
This agent is used to control active maintenance mode tasks.
5.2.518, 5.2.605
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    • getActiveMaintenanceModes

      @NotNull @NotNull Collection<MaintenanceModeInfo> getActiveMaintenanceModes()
      A maintenance mode task is active if one of the stages mentioned in MaintenanceModeTask.MaintenanceStage is active. This method returns information about all active tasks.
      a collection of all active maintenance mode tasks in no particular order. May be empty but never null.
      5.2.518, 5.2.605
    • stopMaintenanceMode

      void stopMaintenanceMode(@NotNull @NotNull MaintenanceModeInfo info)
      Stops a maintenance mode task, skipping any future stages. If the task has been stopped or finished before, this method does nothing.
      info - the information regarding the maintenance mode task, must not be null.
      IllegalArgumentException - if the task could not be found.
      5.2.518, 5.2.605