public interface Updating
Aspect providing means to update DAP parameters from within a DAP. The method updateParameters() is called every time a user changes a parameter (e.g. the selection in a drop box) in the plugin's parameter display in a report or in an FS_INDEX input component. An update is also triggered when the report panel is re-entered, after having been left. In FS_INDEX the DAP's DataStream is rebuilt every time the dialogue opens, and an explicit update is not triggered then.
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      List<Parameter<?>> updateParameters(@Nullable @Nullable ParameterMap filter, List<Parameter<?>> parameters)
      Aspect providing a method to update DAP parameters. The return value should be a List<Parameter<?>>. Parameters are matched by name and ParameterField type. It is more efficient to return only the parameters that are actually updated.
      filter - The ParameterMap used by this DAP (for access to parameter values).
      parameters - The Parameters definitions as they are before the update.
      New list of Parameters