Interface ReferenceAwareValueIndexSupporting<T>

Type Parameters:
T - Value type, same as in ValueEngineer

public interface ReferenceAwareValueIndexSupporting<T>
Aspect for ValueEngineers supporting reference-aware indexing and full text searching.
Implementors must appendIndexData(ValueIndexer, Object, boolean) provide indexing data} for values.
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    • appendIndexData

      void appendIndexData(@NotNull @NotNull ValueIndexer indexer, @NotNull T value, boolean includeReferences)
      Asks to append indexing data for the given value to the handed indexer. If the request is flagged to include references, data of referenced elements should be included in the indexing process, otherwise, a (simplified textual) representation of their values may be added.
      indexer - The indexer to append to.
      value - The value to append data for.
      includeReferences - Indicates to recursively collect data in case of referenced elements.