Interface PackagePoolItem

All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<StoreElement>, HistoryProvider, IDProvider, StoreElement, Workflowable
All Known Subinterfaces:
Content2, Content2Section, FormatTemplate, FormatTemplateFolder, GCAPage, GCASection, LinkTemplate, MasterTemplate, Media, Page, PageRef, PageRefFolder, PageTemplate, Query, Schema, SchemaFolder, Script, ScriptFolder, Section<T>, SectionReference<T>, SectionTemplate, StyleTemplate, TableFormatTemplate, TableTemplate, Template, TemplateFolder<T>, Workflow, WorkflowFolder

public interface PackagePoolItem extends IDProvider
All items which may be added to a package implement this.

PackagePool items have an attribute in the format:
Items in master project:
pp:"'PACKAGENAME'" (e.g. pp:"content")
Subscribed Items:
pp:"'PACKAGENAME' + : + 'SourceNodeVersion' + , + 'TargetNodeVersion'" (e.g. pp:"content:3,1")