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Ensuring the Compatibility of Existing Modules

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Compatibility of existing modules without WebApp

Modules that only use resources available on the FirstSpirit Server (such as services, libraries, and project applications) can run directly on an isolated server.

If the existing modules have been designed so that they:

  • Use the functionality of a library (without the library being provided as a resource locally within a module or globally) and/or
  • Use internal FirstSpirit implementation classes (“Impl”),

compatibility is ensured on the isolated server through the Classloader being granted access to the “hidden” area of the fs-isolated-server.jar so that it can make use of the same range of functions as before (in legacy mode).

In the short term, no adjustments are required for existing modules in this case.

In the medium term, however, all resources in modules should be adapted to the new conditions in order to make use of the advantages offered by isolated mode.

Modules with WebApp Components

A “compatibility module” is provided to ensure that modules with WebApp components that are reliant on the use of these internal libraries provided are able to run.

Installing the module

The fs-web-compatibility.fsm module must first be installed on the FirstSpirit Server. The libraries can then be added via the project properties (see figure “Installing a module”).

When adding the “FirstSpirit Web Compatibility: All Libraries” WebApp component, the shaded libraries are re-established as a separate jar. The corresponding classes can be located again.

The module does not give rise to conflicts on a conventional server (legacy mode) on which the corresponding libraries are also available.

In the long term, all module implementations (existing and new) should succeed without the compatibility module. This means that during module implementation in the WebApp environment, the libraries used as resources there will need to be supplied in the future (see page Module development "Isolated") .

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