FS Spartacus Bridge

Setup project

CaaS connection

In order to connect to the CaaS, the following information has to be obtained. Please refer to the documentation for more information.

You will find it referenced within the code, especially within the CaasAccessData class.

Name Code reference Description
Base URL baseUrl URL the CaaS is hosted at.
Tenant ID tenantId Tentant ID within the CaaS.
Project ID project Project ID within the CaaS.
Collection collection Collection within the CaaS.
API key apiKey The CaaS API key to use.

Developing the library


Call 'ng test' to run the tests with Karma and a headless Chrome. Tests results will be written to ./test-results/

Working with the spartacus storefront

To use the library within the spartacus storefront or within another node module, you need to build, pack, and deploy the library into our artifactory. To do this, you first have to login to the artifactory via npm login. This has to be done only once. Afterwards by calling ./gradlew npmPublishToArtifactory the library will be built, packed and deployed to our artifactory. The deployed library will be automatically named using the following schema: fs-spartacus-bridge-%VERSION-snapshot-%TICKETID.%TIMESTAMP.tgz

Example: fs-spartacus-bridge-0.0.33-snapshot-sapcc-268.20200120115854.tgz

To use the newest deployed snapshot version belonging to your ticket, add the following line to the package.json file of the storefront or any other module:

"dependencies": {
    'fs-spartacus-bridge": "^0.0.33-snapshot-sapcc-268"

Publishing the library

The library will be automatically published to the npmjs.org registry everytime we run the release plan.

Link to our library on npmjs.org: https://www.npmjs.com/package/fs-spartacus-bridge

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