Release Notes

e-Spirit AG

Table of Contents

1. General Information



1.8 or OpenJDK 11


Java Persistence Api


Cell in column 3, row 2



or newer & Isolated mode support

Operating System

Windows or Linux

The system has to be able to run Java programs


approx. 2 GB RAM

may vary

Disk Space

approx. 1 GB RAM

may vary


- MS-SQL Server 2008

- MySQL 5.6.0 or newer

- PostgreSQL

or an embedded H2 database

2. Components

Version 4.3.0 consists of the following components

2.1. TranslationStudio Application

  • TranslationStudio FirstSpirit Module Version 4.3.0
  • TranslationStudio Application Version 4.3.0
  • TranslationStudio Application FirstSpirit Library Version 4.3.0

2.2. APIs

  • Connector API Frontend Version 4.0.0
  • Connector API Backen Version 4.3.0

2.3. Connectors

  • 24|contenthub Version 4.1.0
  • Across Version 4.1.0
  • Eurotext Version 4.1.0
  • MemoQ Version 4.1.0
  • SDL Managed Translation Version 4.1.0

3. New Features

The following features have been added.

3.1. Version 4.3.0

  1. It is possible to configure how detailed the translation status is to be stored.
  2. PagePool datasets are removed after a job has been processed successfully.
  3. FS-Report re-designed.
  4. Translation status information are stored in a dedicated table instead of the pagepool table (separation of concerns).
  5. Connectors create readable file names when uploading a translatable XML file.
  6. Across connector configuration ignores archieved projects.
  7. Across can apply filters in the connector (backend).
  8. Across projects can be created using a custom naming pattern.
  9. Across reuses its security token.
  10. HTTP REST API validates header bearer everywhere.
  11. GDPR Notice informs about encoded mail address in XML.
  12. The online documentation also contains the simple XML format dokumentation.

3.2. Version 4.2.0

  1. TranslationStudio checks accessibility of the TMS before trying to submit files for translation.
  2. Machine translation connectors import translated XML files again by default.
  3. It is possible to select which information is to be shown on the dashboard.
  4. FS-Report includes number of XML files in TranslationStudio’s import/error directory.
  5. FS-Report shows detailed list of monitored file status update.
  6. Debugging option: remove temporary export/import directories to evaluate xml files.
  7. TranslationStudio documentation styling improved.
  8. If the TranslationStudio FirstSpirit service component cannot be obtained due to class loading issues, a detailed log information will be given with a hint on how to solve the issue.
  9. TranslationStudio workflows and templates use FS_CATALOG instead of deprecated FS_LIST input components (language mappings have to be updated again).

3.3. Version 4.1.0

  1. Editor Manual contains more specific and detailed information
  2. Improved documentation
  3. TranslationStudio requires an api-key in order to process any requests
  4. FS-Report includes monitored files in translation as well as metrics
  5. Projects can update TranslationStudio components automatically if configured
  6. Across connector documentation added
  7. SDL connector documentation added
  8. memoQ connector documentation added

3.4. Version 4.0.0

  1. TranslationStudio verifies that a connector is on the classpath before transferring files with it.
  2. New translation status allows to differentiate between files about to sent to a connector and those successfully forwarded by it.
  3. Across connector provides a more detailed logging to analyse its progress.
  4. TranslationStudio can be updated automatically in all projects if a technical properties file is used.
  5. The custom input components used in a translation workflow form can be defined in a separate script form to avoid loss during an update process.
  6. Improved API and tutorials to allow for custom developments.
  7. Connector documentation includes all default connectors (Filesystem, AWS, DeepL, Google Translate)
  8. Editor Manual contains more specific and detailed information

4. Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed.

4.1. Version Version 4.3.0

  1. UTF-8 encoding problems fixed in immediate translation using DeepL.
  2. If an import is being interrupted by the shutdown process, failed import attempts will not be stored.
  3. Added explicit UTF-8 encoding when converting String to bytes and vice versa.
  4. Potential charset error when decoding a REST answer fixed.
  5. Language dependent imagemap components using an FS_CATALOG in a link template are processed correctly.
  6. Added logging if the configuration cannot be sent to the backend application.
  7. Custom messages with full UTF-8 charset support.
  8. If a requestration request cannot be stored in the DB, the process pauses instead of logging errors.
  9. Errorneous soap responses with invalid content-type text/html result in specific logging with possible fix instructions.
  10. Encrypted mail addresses are stored in the XML file.
  11. Notifications are sent based on particular XML instead of job id.
  12. License Validator gibt fehlerhafte ERROR-Message im Log aus.
  13. Language mapping templates use FS_CATALOG instead of deprecated FS_LIST component.

4.2. Version 4.2.2

  1. EasyConnector correctly names merged zip file also if based on one source zip file only.

4.3. Version 4.2.1

  1. Language dependent imagemap with nestes FS_CATALOG component correctly switches source and target languages to allow for a correct import.

4.4. Version 4.2.0

  1. Start/Stop Script checks for wrong process id and stops the TranslationStudio service irrespective of that (Linux).
  2. Translatable XMLs that could not be found by the connector will be checked up to 10 times to avoid incorrect lookups.
  3. If being shutdown, TranslationStudio does not update monitored file status information to avoid false status results caused by a request interruption.
  4. TranslationStudio workflows and templates use FS_CATALOG instead of deprecated FS_LIST input components.
  5. Status change notification mails will be sent to users again.
  6. Specific information will be logged if a connector module is missing.

4.5. Version 4.1.0

  1. Across connector now times out if a connection is idle for too long
  2. Words in XLIFF files will be counted (optionally)
  3. EasyConnector executes shell commands when merging multiple zip files into a single one

4.6. Version 4.0.0

  1. Translation status of files monitored by a connector will have more detailed information available.
  2. Monitored translations will not be removed from the database but flagged to allow for a more detailed analysis in case of errors and success.
  3. TranslationStudio will remove any page reference from its temporary FirstSpirit database tickets to reduce irrelevant dependency information.
  4. TranslationStudio’s REST API allows for a more transparent error handling.
  5. Improved error handling in case a connector cannot find a translation to be monitored.
  6. TranslationStudio’s FirstSpirit project component will detect if the schema used does not support schema sync.
  7. TranslationStudio’s FirstSpirit component loads its dependencies not provided automatically if started via the FS Launcher.
  8. Health report does not list system processes anymore

5. Update Information

5.1. Database Structure

When updating, all PagePool database entries will be migrated to a new translation status information table.

Upon success, now obsolete PagePool entries will be removed and only those entries kept which match the following criteria:

  • Translation state machtes state of "available for new job"
  • Job id field equals zero

Although the migration process will be started upon application start automatically, you may want to backup your database.

5.2. FirstSpirit Templates

TranslationStudio’s language mapping templates will be updated from the deprecated FS_LIST to FS_CATALOG input component automatically. Unfortunately, the existing values cannot be stored and will have to be edited and saved manually.

6. Java 11 Compatibility

The connectors require the following libraries to be available in the ./lib folder:

7. Known Issues

  1. Due to FS_LIST deprecation, TranslationStudio Version 4.2.0+ migrated from FS_LIST to FS_CATALOG. Therefore, all language mapping instances (global content pages) may have to be updated again manually.
  2. If translatable XML files contain FS_LISTs, you have to wait until they are imported again before changing the input components to FS_CATALOG.
  3. TranslationStudio requires page and section reference names to be lowercase alphanumeric and to (optionally) have a underscore character. This pattern will be used automatically when creating new pages or sections using ContentCreator or SiteArchitect. If you create sections or pages using the FirstSpirit API, you have to guarantee this pattern yourself. Elements not following this pattern will not be processed by TranslationStudio.
  4. Listable dataset fields created in FirstSpirit Version 4.x (i.e. CONTENTAREALIST etc.) will not be processed due to a change in their type attribute.
  5. Licenses issued for version 2.1.x or earlier cannot be read and a new license needs to be issued.

8. Acknowledgements

Due to the internal processing of FS_LIST and FS_CATALOG input components and potential non-existing fields in XML files using FirstSpirit’s filesystem synchronisation feature, it might be necessary to overwrite the target language xml file with the source’s original and replace its target fields. Therefore, changes made to the target language’s fields might be overwritten, e.g. manually added list entries. However, it is possible to restore previous versions using FirstSpirit’s version history.

9. Help

The Technical Support of the e-Spirit AG provides expert technical support to customers and partners covering any topic related to the FirstSpirit product. You can get and find more help concerning relevant topics in the FirstSpirit community.