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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Managing content in different languages is a very complex issue and is often done in cooperation with a special translation office. However, since you do not necessarily want those to work with your system, a module is needed which allows to manage the process of submitting data to be translated out of FirstSpirit into a target system or reimporting finished translations into FirstSpirit again.

2. TranslationStudio

TranslationStudio enables you to manage this process and customise it to meet your particular needs, either in terms of IT-infrastructure or editing and translation processes. The application is based on 3 principles:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Easy Installation and Configuration
  3. Integration into existing processes and workflows

2.1. Ease of use

By using the TranslationStudio module, editors can conveniently and directly highlight the content selected for translation in FirstSpirit SiteArchitect or ContentCreator and forward it to TranslationStudio for translation. The module manages everything else. All the editor has to do is starting a workflow.

TranslationStudio Workflow
Figure 1. TranslationStudio Workflow

The TranslationStudio allows to forward individual sections, entire pages or complete projects for translation, thus providing optimal support for companies in rolling out additional country or language specific projects.

As soon as the translation has been completed, either the system takes over and imports the content directly or you download it from the translation system and drop it in a special TranslationStudio folder at a later stage.

The process is transparent at any stage. TranslationStudio informs a user about any state changes via email and an optional status indicator icon containing the most recent status information regarding the respective page.