Technical Data Sheet

e-Spirit AG

Table of Contents

1. System Requirements

1.1. FirstSpirit Server

The TranslationStudio Modules require at least

  • FirstSpirit 5.2.190710
  • Oracle JDK 8 (or similar) or OpenJDK 11

1.2. TranslationStudio Application

The system has to meet the following requirements.

1.2.1. Operating System

The TranslationStudio Application can be installed on Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux.

In case of Microsoft Windows, a Server Version of the Operating System is required. We recommend to install the TranslationStudio Application on Windows Server 2012R2 or Windows Server 2016.

If you consider the installation of the TranslationStudio Application on GNU/Linux, you only have to make sure, that the Operating System can execute the required Java Runtime Environment. Despite the fact that almost all modern GNU/Linux distributions are sufficient.

1.2.2. Java Environment

In case TranslationStudio Application does not run on the same server, Oracle JDK 8 or OpenJDK 11 must be installed on that other server.

1.2.3. FirstSpirit Access API

The TranslationStudio Application requires a copy of the fs-access.jar matching the version of the FirstSpirit Server.

The FirstSpirit Access API requires a separate license and is not included this product extension.

The TranslationStudio Application may open up to 5 connections to the FirstSpirit server.

1.2.4. Databases

A relational database management system is recommend for storing the meta information necessary for automatic management of scheduled and running translations. We support:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or newer
  • MySQL Version 5.6.0 or newer
  • PostgreSQL

1.2.5. Hardware

TranslationStudio requires

  • Approximately 2 GB of RAM
  • Approximately 1 GB of free space for the application and temporary files
  • Additional disk space for preview files if enabled

Depending on the database location, significantly more disk space may be needed. Since a significant amount of disk space is needed temporarily and depends on the actual FirstSpirit project and your TranslationStudio configuration, you should provide at least 1 GB of extra space by default.

2. Sizing

The minimum requirements listed above should suffice for a typical operation of TranslationStudio. Large scale translations of entire projects may require additional resources depending on what is being exported and imported in a given frequency.

TranslationStudio allows you to flexibly adapt your translation process to your system resources, for example:

  • Scheduled process to generate all pages requested for translation instead of generating them at the time a user executes a translation workflow.
  • Number of parallel processes accessing FirstSpirit
  • Omitting preview pages, i.e. not generating them to limit the FirstSpirit server workload.

Depending on the amount of pages to be processed by TranslationStudio, it is probable that you have to increase the memory assigned to the FirstSpirit Server process by editing the fs-wrapper.conf as described in the Manual for Administrators.

In addition, you may increase the memory available to SiteArchitect by opening the ServerManager’s Server properties from the menu. Once the server properties window is opened, select Webstart from the left list and edit the property Main memory.