Default Connectors

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

TranslationStudio offers various connectors by default and all you have to do is providing valid credentials.

Each connector will be discussed in the following.

2. Filesystem Connector

The Filesystem Connector is the default connector and does not connect to any translation memory system. Instead, it keeps all translatable files in the TranslationStudio Application’s core directory at


In addition, the connector may copy the translatable files to any other target directory accessible by the TranslationStudio Application as well as send a notification email if available.

You may collect the XMLs from the translatable directory. If you want to submit translated XML files to TranslationStudio again (i.e. to import them) simply drop them in the directory


The configuration panel itself is shown below and provides the following components:

The configuration panel
Figure 1. The configuration panel

  • Job Configuration
    You may choose the job configuration to be used by this connector here. The connector will use the default job configuration by default.
  • Translatable File Name
    TranslationStudio creates xml files using a generic pattern. If you need more readable names, you may decide to do so here.
  • eMail Notification Settings
    You may decide whom to notify once translatable files are available.
  • Create ZIP Files
    The filesystem connector may create individual zip files containing a translatable xml with its related additional and preview files.
  • Target Folder
    If the translatable files are be copied to a particular directory automatically, you may provide the respective target folder here. Please provide an absolute path. You may check if the TranslationStudio Application can access it by clicking on the ``Test directory'' button.
  • Keep original files
    If, and only if, the files are to be copied into another location, you may choose if the original files within the translatable directory are to be kept or removed.
  • Execute Shell Command
    You may let TranslationStudio execute a shell command after translatable files are available. If you provide a relative address, the root folder is the TranslationStudio Application’s folder.

Please make sure the TranslationStudio Application can access the target folder (if provided). If files cannot be copied to another directory, the original copies will be kept and not be deleted even if the connector configuration is set to do so.

3. Machine Translations

TranslationStudio provides connectors to use the following machine translation services:

  1. AWS
  2. DeepL
  3. Google Translate

You may even use TranslationStudio’s TranslationHelper plugin if activated.

Each connector provides similar features and the only difference is the account information necessary.

3.1. Account Information

Depending on the connector, different account information is required as shown below:

AWS Account Information
Figure 2. AWS Account Information

DeepL Account Information
Figure 3. DeepL Account Information

Google Translate Account Information
Figure 4. Google Translate Account Information

3.2. Translations

To avoid re-submitting the same terms over and over again within the same XML document, the connectors allow you to store already translated terms not exceeding a given length.

Importantly, you may enable FirstSpirit TranslationHelper plugin by checking the box Allow this connector to perform direct translation attempts

Sometimes it can be difficult to automatically translate rich texts, because they have to be transformed into an HTML envelope (temporarily). Therefore, removing rich text formatting may be needed if you find that your rich text cannot be translated properly - this is not an error, it simply is a limitation of automated machine translation.

Google Translate Account Information
Figure 5. Google Translate Account Information

3.3. Optimisation

Your translatable text may contain certain data which is not necessarily relevant for translation, such as

  1. ULRs
  2. Phone numbers
  3. email addresses

This section allows you to provide a list of regular expressions to identify any such items.

Regular Expressions
Figure 6. Regular Expressions

3.4. Project

If you want to make the connector available to TranslationStudio, you have to activate this project

Project Configuration
Figure 7. Project Configuration

You may choose if the connector should make translated XML documents available for importing into FirstSpirit immediately or if you want to review the translation first.