UX-Bridge - Installation Guide

e-Spirit AG

FirstSpirit Version 5.x

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

The UX-Bridge module is a response to the trend of dynamic websites. Whenever content cannot be pre-generated, the CMS content has to be accessed dynamically. In this case, dynamically means that the content can change for every website user and at any point in time. UX-Bridge provides an infrastructure to meet the need for a dynamic content delivery platform. Consequently, the module expands on the hybrid architecture approach by adding a standard component for dynamic content delivery.

Additional information can be found in the UX-Bridge Whitepaper.

1.1. Components

The UX-Bridge consists of a series of components that provide an infrastructure for creating web applications.

  • UX-Bus
  • FirstSpirit module
  • UX-Bridge API
  • Adapters
  • Content-Repository

The infrastructure can be set up in a wide variety of ways. The UX-Bus can be installed on the FirstSpirit server, a standalone server, or on the same server as the web application.

Two common architecture variants are described in the following.