1. Version 1.0.0

1.1. Update Notice

Updated the README.md to further clarify the code examples.

1.2. New features

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Renamed haupia.js to SmartSearch.js.


Added error message when custom parameters passed to the SmartSearch constructor are not in an Array.


Added SmartSearch.version function that will return the current version of the library.


Added examples to the documentation for handling missing fields.

2. Version 0.7.0

2.1. Update Notice

The README.md file now contains examples for the most common use cases. It should be the first point of reference to get started with developing a search result page using haupia.js. It is also the entry point for the api documentation, which can be found here.

2.2. New features

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Added a didYouMean render function to the PageRenderer class.


Custom HTML templates can now be defined in the PageRenderer class.


Changed the default API endpoint to match the API-gateway path.


Custom parameters can now be added to all requests.


Added release notes.

2.3. Fixed issues

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Refactorings and multiple bugfixes regarding the accumulation of url parameters.

3. Help

The Technical Support of the e-Spirit AG provides expert technical support covering any topic related to the FirstSpiritâ„¢ product. You can get and find more help concerning relevant topics in our community.

4. Disclaimer

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