FSXA / Information for Implementation Partners / Access Environment

Provisioning of the FSXA

This chapter will provide information about the first steps that have to be taken to get the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator provisioned in the e-Spirit Cloud.

The very first step is to get in contact with either the e-Spirit Partnermanagement or one of the sales members.

The information required are at first the names and email addresses of all users that need access, as well as their groups. Once this information is received by e-Spirit, the e-Spirit Cloud Team provides the Experience Accelerator.

Afterwards the login data is communicated via email and a seperate email is send containing further information as well the links to the provided instance of the Experience Accelerator.

Important A demo can be requested via the e-Spirit homepage.

The initial Setup of the Experience Accelerator features three different external groups:

  • Editors
  • Chief editors
  • Project administrators

All communicated users will be created by the e-Spirit Cloud Team and assigned to their respective groups.

For each group several permissions can be set individually. The specific set of permissions for each group can be configured by the project administrators. Further documentation about this topic can be found in the FirstSpirit Documentation (ODFS).

If new users need to be created subsequently, please contact your sales contact or the FirstSpirit Technical Support. As described above, the names and e-mail addresses for all the accounts that need to be created, as well as the groups of the respective users, need to be provided.

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