The purpose of this document is to enable you to start working with the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator (FSXA). First of all, this chapter gives an overview of the extent as well as key concepts of the FSXA.

Story behind the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator

The topic of the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator is the fictitious smart home company Smart Living. The concept is a hybrid approach, combining classic FirstSpirit capabilities with headless features.

The Smart Living theme comes with a complete design as well as thematically tailored news articles, products and other content.

The scope of the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator is on the one side designed to act as a base that customers can use to get their content live fast. On the other hand it shows all the possibilities FirstSpirit offers with the combination of statically generated content and fragmented content.

The interaction of the Smart Living Global project with the FSXA JavaScript Frontend demonstrates the seamless collaboration of both content types. This is made possible by the Custom App Platform, which can be used to deliver a wide variety of frontend applications.

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