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extent overview

The purpose of this document is to enable you to start working with the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator (FSXA). First of all, this chapter gives an overview of the extent as well as key concepts of the FSXA.

Important This documentation is constantly being improved and updated and does not yet claim to be finalized.

Story behind the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator

The topic of the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator is the fictitious smart home company Smart Living. The concept is a hybrid approach, combining classic FirstSpirit capabilities with headless features.

The Smart Living theme comes with a complete design as well as thematically tailored news articles, products and other content.

The scope of the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator is on the one side designed to act as a base that customers can use to get their content live fast. On the other hand it shows all the possibilities FirstSpirit offers with the combination of statically generated content and fragmented content.

The Smart Living Global project shows the seamless collaboration of both content types. The Smart Living Newsroom is one of many thinkable useages of fragmented content. With the Smart Dashboard another touchpoint for the fragmented content is implemented, which has a completely different focus than the newsroom.

The Fragment World in FirstSpirit

One of the most important concepts included in the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator which is new in the FirstSpirit world is the “fragment”. Fragments are no longer fixed elements in the context of a website, but can be used in a variety of different settings and touchpoints. This means that they are created without regard to where they will be used. The ensuing format or presentation channel is not taken into consideration. Once created, these fragments can be used in a wide range of scenarios.

Important in this context is the distinction between “fragments” and “variants”. While a fragment is rather a structural element, a variant is a specific manifestation of a given fragment. This way any number of dimensions of a fragment can be presented. The first iteration of the Experience Accelerator comes with one possible dimension, the language. This can be easily extended though with anything that is needed by the customer E.g. region, sub branch, country and so on.

Further information about this concept can be found in the documentation of the FirstSpirit MicroApp Framework.

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