FSXA / Developer Documentation


The core of the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator is the integrated FirstSpirit project Smart Living Global.

This project offers all of FirstSpirit's well established functionalities, and can be customized as such. The whole range of features concerning templating, presonalization, role management and so on are present.

Important If you are not yet familiar with the capabilities of FirstSpirit, the Online Documentation FirstSpirit is a good start.

Smart Living Global is a "classic" FirstSpirit project that can generate static HTML pages - but in the FSXA package with the FSXA PWA, this path is no longer used at all. Instead, the PWA accesses (via the CaaS) the automatically generated JSON output. Via Omnichannel Manager, editors can create and edit content directly in the PWA in the powerful yet intuitive ContentCreator.

The second important building block of the FSXA are the various components of the JavaScript frontend.
These are:

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