FSXA / Developer Documentation

Functional Scope

The core of the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator are the integrated FirstSpirit projects. “Smart Living Global” is a hybrid project which has fragmented content embedded.

This project offers all FirstSpirit well established functionalities, and can be customized as such. The whole range of features concerning templating, presonalization, role management and so on are present.

Important If you are not yet familiar with the capabilities of FirstSpirit, the Online Documentation FirstSpirit is a good start.

The feature that makes “Smart Living Global” a hybrid project is the combination of classic FirstSpirit elements with mixed in concepts originating from the headless world. This in FirstSpirit terms is the fragmented content, to learn more, check the FirstSpirit MicroApp documentation.

The templates of the fragmented content are located in the “Smart Living Fragmented Content” project. The present fragment types of this project can be incorporated into the templates of the classic project and new ones can be build and then used.

Important Note that to use newly created fragments in other touchpoints, additional steps may be required depending on the specific touchpoint!

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