1. System requirements

The CaaS module (version 2.0 and above) requires at least:

  • FirstSpirit server 2020-06 (5.2.200607)

2. Recommended hardware configurations

The CaaS module exists completely in your FirstSpirit server’s Java process. In addition to the system requirements of FirstSpirit, your machine must meet the module’s requirements. The CaaS generation schedule does not differ from other FirstSpirit generations and is therefore comparable with your other schedules in regard to memory and cpu consumption.

2.1. CPU requirements

CPU consumption of a CaaS deployment depends on the complexity of your templates and the amount of generated elements.

A system with an i7-4710MQ CPU can easily deploy 3000 simple entities into the CaaS platform in approximately 25 seconds with a parallelism of 8.

The parallelism can be configured in the service configuration. Please note that the duration of the CaaS schedule depends on your network performance.

2.2. RAM requirements

Memory consumption of the CaaS module depends heavily on the size of your media assets, and the amount of generated elements. Media assets are put into the main memory during generation once they are referenced. For this reason, the worst case memory requirement correspond to the size of your largest media files multiplied with the configured parallelism.

For example if your five largest assets are 100MB of size, and your configured parallelism is 3, you need more than 300MB of main memory for your schedule. Otherwise, the FirstSpirit server could produce Out of Memory errors. The parallelism can be configured in the service configuration.

3. Help

The Technical Support of the Crownpeak Technology GmbH provides expert technical support covering any topic related to the FirstSpirit™ product. You can get and find more help concerning relevant topics in our community.

4. Disclaimer

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